My Wife Is A Badass!

So boohoo my life is hard because I have to slap on slacks and a polo everyday to go to work doing something I love with people I respect.  Hey…the blog is called “So Long Freedom” right?  Three years ago the idea of working in an office was terrifying compared to the happy-go-lucky lifestyle I […]

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Can The Week Be Over Now?

Time has started moving eerily fast the past few months.  It seems like every Friday I’m amazed how it was just Monday and can’t remember what I did that week…until this week…I remember it vividly. Monday started off with a bang;  Max crying, Kate running, me devouring breakfast standing, and all of us running out the door. […]

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Getting Better All The Time

The past week as been therapy for the soul.  Kate, Max and I have made the trek up to Bolton Landing, NY and have been re-finding ourselves on Lake George as I have throughout my life…and will for as long as my lungs draw breath.  I’ve come to realize there is (maybe was) a disconnect […]

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Day Care Hall Pass? (PART 2)

A few weeks ago I posted about how my son and I were getting “Class Passes” at Day Care when we showed up after 9:00 AM.  If you missed it, you can catch the full article here.  After that post I expressed my dislike for the pass to the administration and they kindly listened to […]

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