When I began writing So Long Freedom, it was to document the transition from many aspects of my life into the next phase…one of which is the transition from freelancer to Corporate America (cue ominous music).  So long sneakers, shorts, and un-tucked shirts at the office.  So long flexible schedules, spur of the moment vacations, […]

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The First Tooth

For the past few days Max was being a curmudgeon.  Kate and I chalked most of this up to his bout with constipation, traveling, and tons of people wanting to play with him all the time…its a lot for a 5 month old to juggle.  This weekend we traveled down-state to Brooklyn for a wedding […]

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Constipated Baby; Solved

After 3 days of bicycling Max’s legs, putting him down for naps on his belly, and stressing about where the poop went…he had a blowout last night.  Wow!  Many of you had the same suggestion our pediatrician had, add a little Karo Syrup to his cereal.  Like a summertime Slip ‘N Slide Max popped the […]

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