Baby’s First Tooth

After weeks of fussing, low grade fevers, and sleepless nights…Dodge’s two bottom teeth pushed through yesterday just 5 days before his 6 month birthday.  They have at last breached his gums and are two tiny nubs sticking out making him into an adorable human/shih tzu hybrid.  When Max (our oldest) went though this with his […]

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When Babies Start Talking

After three months of being an adorable meat-pile of cuteness our 3-month-old, Dodge, has started exploring his voice.  It started last week as he was laying on his blanket and staring up at a mobile…a small grunt…then a sigh…then a babble, a coo, and a menagerie of noises and sounds began to flow from him. […]

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Small Child For Sale Or Trade*

Have a slightly used 1-year-old boy for sale or trade.*  He is about 14 months old, in near mint condition, long eye lashes, and runs great.  Was very happy for first few months and known for “great disposition.”  Needs a little work but would be a great buy for a family whose patience is not […]

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Biting At Day Care

Last week I was laid out with an illness and didn’t have the energy to write anything.  I felt bad that I hadn’t blogged in over a week but the only thing going on in my life were trips to the doctor, gut-wrenching pain, and codeine induced sleeping spells up to 12 hours at a time.  I […]

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