The Third Trimester

Today marks the beginning of the 3rd trimester for the pregnancy of my wife Kate and our second son (nickname: “Zag”).  The day began with Kate abruptly waking me up to get Max (our one and a half-year old) because she wasn’t feeling well.  I groggily stumbled out of our room that has 3 half […]

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Feeling The Baby Kick!

For the past few weeks Kate and I have been saying, “We just have to make it through October!”  With one week to go we are so close but November has already filled up with trips and things to do!  This weekend we are off to Houston for a wedding, then its Halloween, then a […]

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1 Year In Wichita

Yesterday was exactly 1 year to the day that Kate and I moved to Wichita, KS from Bolton Landing, NY.  Exactly a year ago Kate and I rolled into town after spending the night east of St. Louis where we hunkered down in a small town without power as a massive tornado rolled through the […]

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The Cat That Rocks The Cradle

Ever since that little plus sign appeared on the pee stick…that cat has been acting strange.  Truthfully, she knew Kate was pregnant before we did.  We just figured she was being a weirdo cat.  As it turns out the cat, Luna, was aware of the changes in Kate’s body and has been acting different for […]

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