Kids Biting Kids

Having 2 boys a mere 2 years apart means there is going to be a lot of wrestling, roughhousing, and fighting in our house over the next few decades.  Max is 3 and Dodge is 1.  Max is overly aggressive with Dodge and often knocks him over, grabs him by the face, and is generally […]

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Max And The Great Pumpkin

As a little boy it seemed I was as crazy as Linus from Peanuts…waiting up late into the night for “The Great Pumpkin” on Halloween.  While Linus missed out on going Trick Or Treating while waiting in the pumpkin patch, I collected gobs of candy with my friends.  Then, my sister and I would come […]

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Baby’s First Tooth

After weeks of fussing, low grade fevers, and sleepless nights…Dodge’s two bottom teeth pushed through yesterday just 5 days before his 6 month birthday.  They have at last breached his gums and are two tiny nubs sticking out making him into an adorable human/shih tzu hybrid.  When Max (our oldest) went though this with his […]

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The Last Teeth

Max (who is now 21 months old) has his last teeth coming in and I’ll be very happy when they do.  His molars were the worst…big flat teeth slowly pushing their way through his gums causing him excruciating pain and deafening Kate and I with Max’s constant cries.  These last teeth seem to just make Max act […]

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Biting At Day Care

Last week I was laid out with an illness and didn’t have the energy to write anything.  I felt bad that I hadn’t blogged in over a week but the only thing going on in my life were trips to the doctor, gut-wrenching pain, and codeine induced sleeping spells up to 12 hours at a time.  I […]

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