So Long to So Long Freedom

8 years ago I began writing this blog as a perspective on becoming a parent through the eyes of the adult. I wanted So Long Freedom to be a place where I honestly said what we all were thinking (or thought) as we became adults, “Oh shit.” At times it was hard to not let […]

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So Long 2014!

Its been a heck of a year filled with up and downs…as life should be.  So Long Freedom began 2014 with a post entitled “Parenting On A Plane,” a look at some of the rules we created for our then 2-year-old (Max) and ways to enforce them.  Max was on the verge of turning 3 […]

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From Label Whore to Polo Bore

There was a time in my life when narcissistic sentences would erupt from my mouth like, “I don’t wait in lines.”  Or, “I don’t believe in black licorice.”  Or, “I only shop at Villains-Vault.”  While my hatred of waiting in lines during my 20’s and the taste of black licorice lead to many nights forcing […]

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Merry Christmas!

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Best Wife Ever

While So Long Freedom is about “my journey into fatherhood, corporate America, and responsibility,” my wife (Kate) is the one truly down in the trenches slugging it out every day more than I am.  Since the beginning of this project I have moved us to Wichita, KS for a job, given up freelancing for a […]

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