Parenting Kids On Planes

After 10 days of vacation in the Caribbean I had to laugh when Max (almost 3) was more excited about flying home because we got to go on two airplanes and see the astronaut in the Atlanta airport (its in the TGI Fridays in the E Terminal).  That’s kids.  Like my 10-month-old Dodge, playing with […]

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The Joys of Parenthood

Every person who has ever wanted to be a parent has probably thought to themselves, “When I’m a parent I’m going to…”  {Insert unrealistic ideology how they will handle parenting situations}  I think every person who has had that thought and thinks they will always be patient, understanding, and a shining example of parental perfection…should […]

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Time Change And Kids

Time change is tough on kids…even if its just 1 hour.  I used to look forward to “falling back” because I meant an extra hour of sleep that night.  However, as my wife pointed out, it also means everything gets dark earlier.  For the kids, they didn’t get the memo about the time change and […]

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