The Day After Christmas

Yesterday was a crazy, exhausting, insane day…and I cherished every minute of it!  After a late night dinner at my parent’s house the boys were exhausted and slept in till about 8 AM.  For Dodge (9 months) it was like any other day but slightly more activity while for Max (almost 3 years old) it […]

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The Crappiest Thanksgiving

My wife Kate and I look forward to Thanksgiving all year because it is the holiday that combines food and family…something we both love…though I’m partial to food (sorry family).  Every other year we spend the holiday with Kate’s family in St. Louis which means there are tons of kids running around, multiple turkeys in […]

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Happy Meetiversary Kate

10 years ago yesterday my phone rang…or I called hers…the details are not clear.  Whoever called who, I spoke to a girl named Kate who at that point in life I had only known in writing.  She had popped up in my extended social network on Friendster, which for you kids is like Facebook and […]

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The Meaning Of Father’s Day

When I was little I remember Father’s Day meaning my dad would sleep in, we’d make breakfast in bed for him, give him cards, and then he’d watch golf all day while my sister and I went off and did whatever we’d normally do.  I would always ask why there wasn’t a Kid’s Day?  My […]

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