Back To School

While putting in 10-14 hour days at the office isn’t my definition of a “fun time,” I do appreciate the fact that it is a change of scenery that affords me perspective on family, parenthood, and my children (2 and 4) I might not get if I were home all day with the boys.  My […]

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The Adult Word Game

As my youngest son Dodge gets ready to turn 1-year old, I am amazed at all the words he is learning.  He’s got the basics like, “Dada, Mama, hi, bye-bye, uh-oh…” and such.  Last night I taught him to clink glasses and say “Cheers!”  He’s working on “brother” but much to big-brother Max’s disappointment…Dodge finds […]

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Parenting Kids On Planes

After 10 days of vacation in the Caribbean I had to laugh when Max (almost 3) was more excited about flying home because we got to go on two airplanes and see the astronaut in the Atlanta airport (its in the TGI Fridays in the E Terminal).  That’s kids.  Like my 10-month-old Dodge, playing with […]

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The Elf on the Shelf

Its that time of year again and everyone is buzzing and asking what Max and Dodge want for Christmas.  Max (almost 3) just wants a silver bell from Santa while Dodge (9 months) would like his two front teeth…seriously…they’re about to push through and this kid is in pain.  I’m sure both wishes will come […]

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Labor Has Begun

While Kate has been in “Early Labor” (or Latent Labor) for the past few weeks things have been ramping up as the days tick by.  This morning things went up a major notch and baby-watch 2013 has begun!  Tomorrow we are scheduled to induce so I can say with confidence that this baby is coming […]

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