Sick Kid: Day 2

After Sunday night’s puking extravaganza my wife Kate and I were hopeful that our 3-year-old Max had just eaten something that didn’t agree with him.  He was fine all day, played like he normally would, ate, drank, etc.  I tucked him in last night and he asked for his puke-bowl just in case.  I obliged…but […]

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Happy St. Puke’s Day

Alright…place your bets.  Someone couldn’t hold their own this St. Patrick’s Day Weekend.  Here’s the setup: On Friday my wife Kate and I wanted to have a date night for the first time in who knows how long.  My folks volunteered to take Max (3 years old) and Dodge (1-year-old) for the night and we […]

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The Crappiest Thanksgiving

My wife Kate and I look forward to Thanksgiving all year because it is the holiday that combines food and family…something we both love…though I’m partial to food (sorry family).  Every other year we spend the holiday with Kate’s family in St. Louis which means there are tons of kids running around, multiple turkeys in […]

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My First Time Away From Max

This weekend I am traveling for business and it will be the first time I’ll be away from Max.  All week I’ve been joking that it’ll be great to get a good night’s sleep.  Joke is on me…I’m heartbroken.  Due to a miscommunication Kate thought I was leaving today and not tomorrow.  She decided that since […]

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