1 Week Old

Dodge is just over a week old and I still love him.  He sleeps most of the time…or eats…sometimes he poops.  If you change his diaper he pees on you.  He smiled for the first time this weekend and so far his sleeping is amazing!  He naps the same time as his 2 year old […]

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Max Is Big Boy Now?

Brining home a new baby can be a lot of change for a toddler, and there was no exception for our 2-year-old Max when he met his little brother Dodge last week.  Things started of fine with hugs and kisses but have daily descended into the expected pit of regression as Max acts out in […]

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Dodge’s First Few Hours

Dodge’s first few hours have been very calm and he is a happy guy. He went skin-to-skin immediately after delivery and rooted right away. He fed immediately and is in great health. So far the first 12 hours of his life have been full of eating, sleeping, and being held by grandparents. Very precious time […]

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All American Homecoming

Over 2 years ago I began blogging about the prospect of fatherhood as my son Max (then nicknamed “Zig”) was nothing more than a tadpole in my Wife’s belly.  We had just moved to Wichita, KS from our digitally nomadic life in the Adirondacks and I was adjusting to corporate life, the Midwest, and the end of […]

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