Max’s First Haircut at a Salon

This weekend my wife Kate and I debated if we should scar our 3 year-old son Max for life (again) by pinning him down in the bathroom while cutting his hair.  In the past, Max has screamed as if each hair were actually a finger we were prying from his body in a Gestapo prison.  I have had success […]

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Parents Pave The Way

I still get giddy every time my name gets mentioned in the paper, I secretly record the news when I get interviewed, and my two favorite articles about the digitally nomadic period of my life from different newspapers hang proudly in my office.  It’s still humbling to see your name in print, your face on-screen, […]

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Voting in Kansas

On Saturday we had 7 different knocks on the door from political volunteers polling, informing, and urging me to vote.  Eventually, my wife placed a sheet of paper on the door instructing people not to knock or ring the bell…she detailed the people we were planning to vote for so parties could get their polls in […]

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My Boys’ First Movie Theater

I have racked my brain to try to remember the first movie I ever saw in a theater and I don’t know.  I can remember my sitter, Mrs. Riordan, taking me to see Fantasia when I was very little but I’m sure my parents took me to something before that.  Its hard remembering back that […]

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