Retirement: So Long Honorary Mom

Almost 40 years ago, my parents moved to Wichita, KS when my father accepted a marketing position at the corporate headquarters of Pizza Hut.  I was born soon after and the rest, they say, is history.  The story of my father’s rise to pizza and rent-to-own infamy is well documented…but this story isn’t about him. […]

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Thankful For My Nephew

A few years ago, my nephew Jake sat down for dinner with the adults on Thanksgiving Day and listened as we all went around the table telling each other what we were thankful for that year.  The ole Jakester was about 5 years old at the time and my journey into fatherhood wouldn’t begin till […]

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Max Meets Dodge

All questions as to if Max understood we were having a baby have been answered…he gets it. He’s met Dodge twice and is quick to point out, “that’s the baby.” We explained his name is Dodge and Max calls him “baby Dodge.” He knows to be quiet around him, wash his hands, loves touching his […]

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New Look For So Long Freedom

As the birth of the new baby approaches (less than 3 weeks till the due date!) So Long Freedom has made some changes to the online site layout, making it easier than ever to enjoy articles on parenting, life, anxiety, and beyond!  We’ll be doing more product testing and reviews in 2013 for all you […]

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