I Need A New Therapist

For the past ten months I have been seeing a CBT therapist here in Wichita who was greatly beneficial on my road to recovery.  However, the practice he is a part of has become problematic for me as they have screwed up my billing so much that I fear I will never be able to […]

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When I began writing So Long Freedom, it was to document the transition from many aspects of my life into the next phase…one of which is the transition from freelancer to Corporate America (cue ominous music).  So long sneakers, shorts, and un-tucked shirts at the office.  So long flexible schedules, spur of the moment vacations, […]

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Sleeping Through The Night

A few weeks ago Kate and I came to the realization that no one was sleeping well in our house and that it was time to make a change.  It was time Max moved out of the bassinet in our bedroom and into his crib in his room.  Easy in theory…emotional in practice.  When Max […]

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