Dodge’s 2nd Birthday

It was a week in which my youngest, Dodge, grew up in many ways culminating to his 2nd birthday on Sunday.  Dodge is a soft-spoken little boy with soft straw blonde hair and piercingly blue eyes.  He can melt your heart with a smile, he squeezes hard when he hugs, and when he wants something […]

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My Boys’ First Movie Theater

I have racked my brain to try to remember the first movie I ever saw in a theater and I don’t know.  I can remember my sitter, Mrs. Riordan, taking me to see Fantasia when I was very little but I’m sure my parents took me to something before that.  Its hard remembering back that […]

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Dodge’s First Bike Ride

Weekends are a time (as a father of 2) to eat things covered in melted cheese, grow a quick beard, and wear basketball shorts like women wear yoga pants.  Its my fatness time.  In my basketball shorts and un-tucked & over-sized tee-shirt I might seem athletic to the FedEx guy or neighbors when I answer […]

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