Labor Has Begun

While Kate has been in “Early Labor” (or Latent Labor) for the past few weeks things have been ramping up as the days tick by.  This morning things went up a major notch and baby-watch 2013 has begun!  Tomorrow we are scheduled to induce so I can say with confidence that this baby is coming […]

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The full recap of the birth

Max is turning 1 week old tonight and it is hard to look back on the birth as it all seems so distant now.  It is strange to spend so much time focussing on an event, to have that event happen, and then move forward to a completely new experience.  Prior to January 26th, 2011 […]

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The final 48 hours!

I left my office on Friday thinking for sure this would be the weekend Kate’s water would break, contractions would begin, and we would have this baby.  However, Zig thought otherwise.  Why would I go out there?  Its nice in here Dad.  Zig is zen in his mother’s belly.  With the induction looming over us […]

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I love you… Pitocin?

A Post by Kate: Throughout this whole birth-prep process I have looked forward to at least TRYING to give birth naturally. I have reserved the right to change my mind mid-stream & know if that happens I won’t feel like a failure or anything. So, now we are still hoping for a natural birth but […]

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