Taking The Overnight Train

Every year Kate and I go to Chicago for St. Patrick’s Day weekend for the annual Welsh Family reunion and “WeLush Pub Crawl.”  The crawl started with a dozen members of the Welsh family hopping from bar to bar in Wrigleyville over 10 years ago and has swelled to include as many as 70 crawlers […]

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Max Takes His First Plane-Ride

Tomorrow Max will be cruising at 30,000 feet over the Midwest as he flies from Wichita to Chicago.  This will be a first for him and certainly not the last since Mommy and Daddy travel quite frequently.  It is a good first flight for us since we do not have to change planes, it’s a short flight, […]

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The Ass Menagerie

  Last night Kate and I threw a party at our house for her family and mine as her brothers and sisters finally got to meet Max.  Mark and Abby flew in from Wilmington, NC and Todd and Jenn flew in from Chicago.  Frank and Kathy made the 8 hour drive from Vinton, IA again, […]

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