Toddler Power Struggles

This morning my two-year-old Max woke up early and started making cow sounds around 6:30 AM.  My wife Kate and I were still sleepily in bed, as was our 2-week-old Dodge (who may be a Hobbit considering he was on his second or third breakfast at the time).  In the months prior to Dodge joining […]

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Baby’s Due Date Today

Well…here we go again.  Today is February 18th, 2013.  A date I have had circled on my calendar for over nine months.  It is my future son’s computer predicted birthday, better know as the “due date.”  As I’ve made clear in previous articles I don’t believe in due dates as they create a false sense […]

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1 Week Till The Due Date!

After months of waiting, preparing, going berserk, calming down again, peeing on sticks, sonograms, and doctor visits…the final countdown has begun!  As I have said in past articles, I do not believe in “due dates” as they give people an unrealistic timeline of when their baby will come.  No doctor, computer, or amount of science can […]

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38th Week Of Pregnancy

With precisely two weeks to go till our due date (February 18th) my nerves are starting to ramp up!  I know everything is going to change…but I don’t know when.  I think due dates are cruel because it’s an unrealistic date set by a computer nine months ago.  Due months are more appropriate…a bracket of […]

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