Back To School

Okay…so its day care, but my 2-year-old Max calls it school and he loves it.  Today was the first day of the fall semester and in classic Max fashion he walked into the room, looked at all the new kids, said hi to the teachers, and went straight to an activity table where he picked […]

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Toddler Hijinks

Every day I come home from work and ask Kate, “How was Max today?”  Last night she said, “Not bad.”  Max, our two-year-old toddler, is going through a tough phase.  He is two, he’s exploring his world, testing his boundaries, and has a new baby brother (Dodge) taking all the attention away from him.  So […]

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Max Is Big Boy Now?

Brining home a new baby can be a lot of change for a toddler, and there was no exception for our 2-year-old Max when he met his little brother Dodge last week.  Things started of fine with hugs and kisses but have daily descended into the expected pit of regression as Max acts out in […]

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Swear Words And Toddlers

Since day one when Max, my now two-year-old, was born I knew I needed to start watching my language.  I swear…a lot.  It comes from years of working in the film industry where we all act like full-grown children and shout at each other through walkie-talkies, then laugh about it over beers at the end of the […]

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