Lay’s Salt & Vinegar Chips: PART 3

An amazing response letter from Leryn Stephenson of Frito Lay to So Long Freedom that should be read by anyone in customer service, consumer affairs, marketing, or branding.

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Dollar Shave Club Review

I spent the better half of my life sporting facial hair because at age 13 my chin turned into a bramble bush and it was easier to rock the goatee than scrape a razor blade across it seven days a week.  By the time college hit the goatee was just my look and I added […]

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Max Gets A New Hoop

My son Max, who is a month past his second birthday, is obsessed with basketball and the Wichita State Shockers.  Every day he begs to wear his Shocker jersey and all day he shoots baskets on his Little Tikes basketball hoop…seriously, all day.  I would estimate he takes between 100-300 shots per day depending on his schedule. […]

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