Kids Entertaining Themselves

My wife and I have reached the other side of parenting.  We don’t wipe butts anymore, they dress themselves, they can get their own snacks, they know (and follow) the rules, and above all else; they entertain themselves. It has happened so gradually over the past few years, but when you look at it from […]

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Storybooks For Kids

One of the things I love about my young kids is their mutual love of books.  They love to be read to, they cuddle up and look over your shoulder, and they get excited to hear stories and ask questions.  However, there are only so many nights one can read Goodnight Moon and Where the Wild […]

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My Youngest Turns 4

The day started this morning very much like how it started 4 years ago: I rolled over in bed to find my youngest son Dodge curled up asleep on my wife’s chest.  Today is his birthday and he still smells new.  The day Dodge was born I swaddled him up, took him to Kate, and […]

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