So Long to So Long Freedom

8 years ago I began writing this blog as a perspective on becoming a parent through the eyes of the adult. I wanted So Long Freedom to be a place where I honestly said what we all were thinking (or thought) as we became adults, “Oh shit.” At times it was hard to not let […]

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Kids Entertaining Themselves

My wife and I have reached the other side of parenting.  We don’t wipe butts anymore, they dress themselves, they can get their own snacks, they know (and follow) the rules, and above all else; they entertain themselves. It has happened so gradually over the past few years, but when you look at it from […]

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Men Who Pee Sitting Down

One of the great things about having little boys is teaching them to pee standing up.  You just take off their diaper and set them free in the back yard for an afternoon.  Seriously, they figure out the whole peeing in the bushes thing like how a cat finds their litter box.  As a dad, […]

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