Voting Is Not A Spectator Sport

Vote-Counts1Many years ago when my wife was my girlfriend back in New York City, a young Republican from Kansas (about my age now) mocked Kate for wearing a t-shirt that read, “Democracy is not a spectator sport!”  This young Republican went off on Kate telling her that she was too young to understand the complexities of modern politics and chastised her for being a Democrat.  Kate rightfully put this woman in her place and explained that the shirt meant whatever your party affiliation, it is our duty as citizens to educate ourselves and make the effort to go out and vote.  Meaning, know what you’re talking about and if you feel strongly about it then you should vote for it, volunteer for it, donate to it, or do whatever you can to be involved with it.  Sitting on the sideline is unacceptable.

Yesterday I spoke to many people I am close to in Kansas and was SHOCKED to find out that many of them had not registered, had no clue who to vote for, or had no plans to vote today.  Kate and I just voted.  So today, November 4th – 2014, on the day of the Midterm Elections I will quote my wife’s shirt from 2003 and remind all of you that DEMOCRACY IS NOT A SPECTATOR SPORT.  You’ve got till 7 PM to vote.  Let’s go.

…and by the way, do the right thing and vote “YES” on the 1¢ sales tax increase.  Need more information?  Click HERE or go to today.

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