Toddler Quotes 6/26/2014

A conversation with my 3 year old Max and 1 year old Dodge as I get them buckled into the car at my office.

ME: “Max, I’m not going to be home til late so I expect you…”

MAX: “I respect you too Dada.”

ME: “No. Okay, thank you. I respect you too Max.”

MAX: “Thanks Dada.”

DODGE: “Dada!”

ME: “Yes Dodge, Dada.”

MAX: “Dada!”

ME: “I was saying, I expect you to be on your best behavior.”

MAX: “I respect I will.”

ME: “You suspect you will?”

MAX: “Yeah.”

DODGE: “Yeah!”

ME: “Okay…good enough. Love you Max.”

MAX: “Love you too Dada.”

ME: “Love you Dodge.”

DODGE: “Yeah!”

ME: “Yeah, do you love me Dodge?”

DODGE: “Again.”

ME: “Love you.”

DODGE: “Drink.”

ME: “Yes, when we get home. Love you.”

DODGE: “Up?”

ME: “No. Love you.”

DODGE: “Splug flooooshpffft.”

ME: <sigh> “Splug flooshpft you too.”

Max & Dodge Back Seat

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2 thoughts on “Toddler Quotes 6/26/2014

    1. We go forward facing for long road trips since Dodge is very vocal and gets pissed off facing backwards for long periods of time. His height, age, weight, etc. were on par for it. Day to day around town we keep him facing backwards for safety and ease, he’ll often fall asleep right when you need to get out of the car so the rear facing removable car seat is awesome for that. It is also great to get him buckled into the seat while still in the house and then wrangle Max which is essentially like herding a cat. Max switched to forward facing around 2 and when we travel he gets a booster seat sometimes as well because he’s just so darn tall and lanky. At the time of this picture Max was 3 1/2 and Dodge was 15 months.

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