Dodge’s First Bike Ride

NCFD_Fullpage_templatesWeekends are a time (as a father of 2) to eat things covered in melted cheese, grow a quick beard, and wear basketball shorts like women wear yoga pants.  Its my fatness time.  In my basketball shorts and un-tucked & over-sized tee-shirt I might seem athletic to the FedEx guy or neighbors when I answer the door…but I’m not…I’m relaxing…horizontal style.  However, I peeled myself away from couch patrol to take the kids on a bike ride to the park with Mom, and it was fun.  Dodge (1) had yet to ride in the trailer and Max (3) wasn’t a fan the first time we took him out when he was little.  Turns out the key to success is brotherly love.  The two of them shoved each other, tickled each other, invented games, made screeching sounds, and pretty much had a blast as I towed them down the bike trail.  Every bump in the trail was greeted with hysterical laughter from the rolling 60 lb kid bucket behind me.  They cheered for me to go faster as I lost my breath going up a gentle incline and shouted with glee when we banked around corners on the downhill.  My poor heart pounded rapidly asking me “Why?  Why?  Why?!!!  Why are you doing this…don’t you know you took a blood pressure pill a few hours ago?”  Then the athlete I used to be started to kick back in and reminded me of how I used to ride my bike to work, how I used to go to the gym 3 times a week, and how I used to only order melty cheese things once a week.  “I can do this!  I could bike everywhere!  Cars suck!  This is AMAZING!”

Dodge lost interest soon after Max started a game called “Kick Dodge.”  The wind began to howl and the final push home took everything out of me as I towed those kids down our street and into the driveway against 40 mph gusts.  My wife rolled in next to me with a huge smile on her face…my chest made a smiley face of sweat back at her.  The kids ran in the yard, I chopped down a tree that had died, and everyone napped hard that afternoon.  It was Dodge’s first bike ride…and I can’t wait to do it again.

Max & Dodge in the bike trailer for Dodge's first bike ride.
Max & Dodge in the bike trailer for Dodge’s first bike ride.

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