Potty Training Update

toiletLast week Max made the greatest advancement in his set of toddler skills since learning how to go to sleep on his own.  He’s 3-years old and in the throws of potty training which means there is like a 30 second window of opportunity for successfully reaching the potty in time once Max shouts “Dada I need to go pee-pee!!!”  Unlike adults, kids hold it till the last second when it might start trickling down their leg then either make it…or don’t.  Sometimes Max tells me he needs to go while in the act of going (my least favorite).  However, I would say we are at about an 80%-90% success rate and that is HUGE progress from just a few months ago.  So what is the great advancement he made?  It all started with my wife Kate and I teaching Max that he didn’t need to strip down to nothing to use the bathroom.  It started with learning to pull down (and up) his own pull-up diapers and then working on getting him to leave his shoes on and just do it like and adult.  Drop trou, pop a squat, go, and boogie.  The key to all this is we slowly got him used to using a full-sized toilet without any stools, kid-sized inserts, or anything…just learning how to climb up, support himself, do his thing, then get down.  It makes using toilets at restaurants or wherever we are out and about so much easier!  Its amazing.  Then…came the awesomeness.

After a few mornings of re-explaining and ensuring him it was okay, he did it.  Max woke up at about 5:30 AM and needed to use the potty.  Number 1.  He did not call out “Mommy! Daddy! I need to go pee-pee!!!”  Instead, he did as we had asked.  He got out of bed, went into the bathroom, pulled down his pull-ups, climbed on the potty, took care of business, used the toilet paper, and got his pull-up back on.  BOOM!!!  As a parent that is like achieving enlightenment!  Max came into the bedroom and told us he had used the potty.  Without fully waking up we asked him if he wanted to go back to bed or play downstairs.  I honestly don’t remember what he picked because I WENT BACK TO BED!  Amazing!  Sleep!  Dodge (1) woke up soon after and the day began but this new era of Max able to use the potty by himself is fantastic.

On a hilarious note, when he needs to go number 2 (which still requires our assistance for sanitary reasons) Max insists that he be left alone, the door be closed, and he likes to flip through a magazine or book.  His favorite is “Everyone Poops.”  go figure.

Everyone Poops

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3 thoughts on “Potty Training Update

  1. That moment when your child self-initiates is the parenting equivalent of reaching the summit of Mt. Everest! Congratulations. I enjoyed reading about your potty training experiences. I’m the author of a potty training book entitled “The Potty Boot Camp” – if you’d like a complimentary download of the book, let me know and I’ll send it along. Tell your kiddo to keep up the great work! Suzanne Riffel

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