Sick Kid: Day 2

After Sunday night’s puking extravaganza my wife Kate and I were hopeful that our 3-year-old Max had just eaten something that didn’t agree with him.  He was fine all day, played like he normally would, ate, drank, etc.  I tucked him in last night and he asked for his puke-bowl just in case.  I obliged…but I didn’t think there was any reason he’d need it.  He went to sleep and was fine…till about 5 AM when again, he woke up in the act of throwing up.  Proudly, he got it all in the bowl this time saving us from another round of laundry.  What is going on?  He has no fever, he’s not acting sick, he feels fine all day, and then he pukes at night.  Every time it sounds like he catches himself chocking or coughing and then the gag reflex kicks in.  With a family history of reflux and Crohn’s, we’re keeping a close eye on him but he is fine by day – pukes by night.

Day Two of the Mystery Illness
Day Two of the Mystery Illness

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