Email From My 3-Year-Old

20140112_162855Kids emulate their parents, so it’s no mistake that my 3-year-old Max’s favorite games are pretending he’s going to work, pretending he’s working on a tablet, and pretending to be on the phone.  We live in a digital age and I am (unfortunately) on a device many times managing social media content for the companies and non-profits I represent.  By day I plunk my flat Midwestern tuchus into a leather executive chair where I answer emails, take calls, and work on marketing strategies and design.  If you ask Max what I do at the office he is happy to tell you, “Dada gets some stuff.”  This is because whenever we are out and about and I need to stop by the office I say, “I just gotta run inside and get some stuff.”  Makes sense to me…the kid thinks I get some stuff.  Why not?  Get up in the morning, drink my coffee, read the paper, go to the office, get some stuff, have lunch, get some more stuff, come home, tuck Max in, and do it all over again.  Good day.

In the midst of all the banal emails where I have to write things like, “The way the 20% off sale works is we have reduced the items by 20%…” I got an email from Max.  He likes to call me and ask if I’m getting some stuff, sometimes he gets Mommy’s phone and texts me…today was his first email to me.  I thought I’d share it with all of you:


Yup.  Looks like a lot more fun than what I’m working on.  Pretty sure there were some smiley face stamps on construction paper and pretending to be an airplane before and after this email.  Me?  I had to get some stuff.  I really like that he found the letters to his name and hammered on them.  M-A-X.  Mmmmmmmaaaaaaaxxxxxx!  Nice.  Worked in some numbers and a ton of F’s as well.  Good kid.  To top off my adorable family, Dodge (11-months-old) crawled to the back door after I left this morning (to get some stuff), waved good-bye, and said “bye-bye Dada” a few times.  Sweeties.  Wish I was home with them right now…but I gotta get some stuff.

Gettin some stuff at the grocery store.
Gettin’ some stuff at the grocery store…in a suit…at Midnight…like you do.

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