AutoCorrect Fail

We’ve all fallen victim to the AutoCorrect fail with the accessibility of smart phones, tablets, and other digital communication devices with T9 predictive text and AutoCorrect functionality.

My favorite was a string of texts from my mother when she first got an iPhone a few years back that went like this:

Hey Ryan, we’re at the Firehouse Restaurant having Bloody Marts.

I meant Marts.

I mean Marts.




I asked her if she had been drinking and needed a ride home and she replied:

No I’m fine.  Just Bloody Marts.



Stupid phone.

To this day, we always have “Bloody Marts” at the Firehouse Restaurant!

It’s no wonder cursive is no longer being taught in schools…it is a dying language, though I feel it is our duty as parents to teach what the schools do not deem necessary because the art of cursive teaches hand/eye coordination, patience, and encourages language skills.  The same goes for spelling.  How long will spelling be taught in schools until instead it is required that you have a digital device with SpellCheck and AutoCorrect software installed?  Grammar?  How long b4 every 1 types in txt form?  LOL.  I remember when it was required to have a T3 calculator in math class…aren’t we learning how to do math?

Anyhow, this morning I received an email from my dad saying:

You keep sending me messages for your dad, I think you have your email addresses muddled.  🙂


Huh?  At first I thought my dad was messing with me.  I checked the email and it looked right.  Then I saw the typo in his email.  Minor…but potent, I had been sending emails to Bridget for an unknown period of time.  I wrote back apologizing immediately and received this comforting message:

Plus I would be rubbish at golf…ruin his handicap if he had one.  🙂


Noting that it is below freezing in January right now and too cold for golf…one must assume I have been sending emails to Bridget for quite some time.  The minute I got to my office I checked my sent box to see what info I had sent to poor Bridget and make sure nothing confidential had passed hands inadvertently.  The email in question is my Dad’s personal email so no confidential work went to Bridget though I noted she had received emails from me and others regarding ideas for a business name, an inside joke email with the word “Sodomy” followed by a link, a thank you letter or two, a proposal for sponsorship, many communications about golf, and a few with some choice words about Doug Gottlieb’s “unbiased” basketball analysis and self-proclaimed snarky nature.

From what I can tell either a client emailed him with the wrong email somewhere in the past 1-5 years or my iPad’s AutoCorrect combined his personal and work emails as I typed…because that is what Belinda’s email address is, half and half of my Dad’s personal and business email addresses.  From Google searching Belinda’s email she seems to be a nice lady from the UK with grown children and a Spaniel dog.  From researching my email address she most likely knows a lot about me…maybe she’ll even read this later?  So Bridget, if you are reading this, sorry for all the emails and thanks for your understanding.  If you ever visit the states send me an email and we can meet over a few Bloody Marts.  Cheers!


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