Milestone Week For Everyone

It has been a milestone week for everyone in the family!

  1. Dodge (8-months-old) took his first crawling steps and has begun pulling himself up to kneeling and standing positions.  He is very proud of his new-found skill which has both increased and decreased his frustration levels.  Its only a matter of time before he catches the cat by the tail.
  2. Max (2 1/2) turned to me at dinner on Sunday and said, “Dada I need to go potty.”  We walked to the bathroom and he went #1 all by himself.  It was the first time he had alerted my wife Kate and I that he needed to go before actually going.  There was much celebration!
  3. Kate (my wife) has taken her business concept into actualization while balancing her schedule as a college faculty teacher, a painter with multiple pieces on commission, and a full-time mother of the above mentioned two boys.  She embodies entrepreneurship and drive!
  4. I overcame a social anxiety and had an epiphany about the difference between adrenaline-fueled circumstances and adrenaline-fueled worries.  I am finding the balance between being irrationally afraid of something and embracing the natural anxieties of a situation.

20131029_135911I’m so proud of my boys!  Dodge taking those steps was so exciting for him and the smile on his face when he did it will live in my mind forever.  He’s making the transition out of being a little baby to being a little boy…words will follow soon.  Max blew me away when he asked to go to the bathroom.  That’s what the big kids do and that is what Max wants to be.  It is insane how much he has grown up in just one year!  I can’t wait to get them both on vacation in December when I’ll have a whole week on the beach with them to have uninterrupted family time.  My sweet boys…they’re growing up so fast.



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One thought on “Milestone Week For Everyone

  1. Wow, way to go, Max!! My youngest is 26 months and he could totally do that if he wanted to, knows how and everything…yeah, he doesn’t want to. And sooooo, we wait. LOL

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