Kissing Cod & Drinking Screech in Newfoundland

Two years ago I found myself in a crowded St. John’s pub, standing in a bucket of water, speaking Gaelic, kissing a 100-year-old cod named Sheamus, and drinking a shot of Newfoundlandian rum called Screech.  To find out why:  Check out my guest post on as I recount my trip to the eastern most point of North America, the island of Newfoundland, where ice burgs and whales migrate south just off shore, puffins play in the bays, Viking culture still rules the land, the locals speak their own dialect, clocks are 1 1/2 hours later than Eastern Standard Time, and for over 250 years salt cod has been traded for Jamaican rum that could peel the chrome off your car’s bumper.

Let’s get Screeched-In!

Screech Keg

What and who is

MeganMegan Brewer is the Owner/Editor-in-Chief of Yumology is an online food and beverage magazine covering the most recent developments in food products, health and wellness initiatives, culinary travel and everyday recipes you and your family can enjoy. Our Yumologists also seek to cover a wide variety of topics that will educate our readers on food related news stories, the history behind certain foods and how food plays an integral part in human development both physically and emotionally. We also share personal stories about how food is an integral part of our family. Join us as we seek to make every day delicious while expanding our horizons and our appetites.

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