Fruit Snack Fix: Guest Post by Megan Brewer from Yumology

Guest Post: Megan Brewer from Yumology

Megan Brewer is the Owner/Editor-in-Chief of Yumology is an online food and beverage magazine covering the most recent developments in food products, health and wellness initiatives, culinary travel and everyday recipes you and your family can enjoy. Our Yumologists also seek to cover a wide variety of topics that will educate our readers on food related news stories, the history behind certain foods and how food plays an integral part in human development both physically and emotionally. We also share personal stories about how food is an integral part of our family. Join us as we seek to make every day delicious while expanding our horizons and our appetites.

Megan Brewer from Yumology and her family.

Becks and John

Each stage of parenting poses it’s own unique feeding challenges. When our children are newborns we moms worry about latching on, feeding schedules, dropping weight (them not us), blocked ducts and leaky boobs (us not them), nursing pads, etc. When the babies start eating soft foods we worry about allergies, spitting up, bibs, etc. Then comes the foray into solid foods, choking, chewing, picky eating and working with a spoon are all new challenges that have parents screaming into the wind.

In all the feeding frustration there looms one shining beacon of hope. Fruit snacks.

fruit-snacksI had heard of the mystical powers fruit snacks posses but it wasn’t until my son had his first taste of them that I truly understood their power. After he finished his small pack of gummy goodies he promptly turned to me and said, “More.” Not one to turn my child into a kicking, screaming ball of “WAH” I obliged and handed him another fruit snack.

“More.” It was like nothing I had ever seen. He didn’t do this with any other food he had ever eaten. He couldn’t get enough. When I resisted, the call for “more” became increasingly desperate. Then it hit me. I had it. I had the power. The fruity, chewy, delicious power to turn my child into a fruit snack puppet.

“Only if you sit down.” He sat. I gave him a fruit snack.


“Only if you wash your hands.”

He ran to the sink. “Up.” I gave him a fruit snack.

I couldn’t help but laugh at my newfound wealth. I could buy good behavior, a clean room, even a hug!  It’s sad, I know, but it worked.

I began keeping fruit snacks everywhere just to insure a smooth ride throughout the day. Diaper bags, purses and glove compartments were all fully-loaded with fruit snack ammo. And I had it. I had a happy, well-behaved kid. And then it happened.

It’s a nasty fact of parenting that just as we find a groove in one stage, life throw us a curve and we’re back at square one, looking for the manual on how to deal with the latest crisis. This curve came in the most dramatic fashion.

Becks Car SeatWe were in the car on our way to school when my son made the sign for hungry. Knowing fruit snacks were in the glove compartment I reached forward, opened a tiny bag and handed it to him. He got halfway through the bag when one of the fruit snacks got stuck in his throat.  I swerved into a parking lot, climbed into the back and yanked him out of his carseat. My finger went down his throat and a tummy full of fruit snacks came up.

He was fine. He didn’t cry. He wasn’t scared. He simply looked up at me and said “no.”

He never ate a fruit snack again and we went back to dealing with tantrums and fussiness the old fashioned way. Discipline.

There’s truly no short cut for good parenting, despite the temptation an easy fruit snack fix provides.


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