Time Change And Kids

Zombie Clock
Zombie “Braaaiiins!!!” Clock

Time change is tough on kids…even if its just 1 hour.  I used to look forward to “falling back” because I meant an extra hour of sleep that night.  However, as my wife pointed out, it also means everything gets dark earlier.  For the kids, they didn’t get the memo about the time change and were up at 5:30 AM instead of 6:30 AM.  There were temper tantrums and eye rubbing before their noon nap.  Then, the cherry on top, complete and utter meltdowns after dinner as we tried to corral them into their beds.  What has been in the past the most relaxing weekend of the year has my wife (Kate) and I both walking around slack-jawed like time change zombies.  Sleeeeeep…  Braaaiiiins!!!

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