The Premiere Of Our Short Film

Today our 6 minute short film “Best Hubby Ever” premiered at the Tallgrass Film Festival during the “Down To The Wire Showcase” and it was very well received.  It was great to finally see it play in front of a live audience!  Laughs came where we thought they would (and wouldn’t) and I loved how it had a completely different tone and cadence to the other films playing.  Its a celebratory and somber feeling to have this film screening over.  On one hand its sad to have it all over…on the other its exciting that its finally premiered and open to the public.  The highlight was after the screening having friends, family, fellow filmmakers, and movie-goers tell us what they liked about the film and ask questions about process.  Its humbling to hear that someone simply likes your film.  So…without further ado…here is our film, “Best Hubby Ever.”

Since this film was part of the Down To The Wire 24 Hour Film Race it needed to contain the required elements:

  • A car radio
  • A slap in the face
  • The line “You can’t stand up in a Cadilac, either.”
  • The theme of Identity Theft

[vimeo 72136636]

In celebration of the screening Max (our 2 year old star) had a few cupcakes, Dodge (our 7 month old star) took a nap, and Kate and I had a beer.  What next?  We’re already putting together a team for next year!  Plus, I’m working on a few original shorts I hope to have rolling out in the next few years.

Thanks for all the support!  –Team Gates

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