Kids Faking Injury

20131012_173252This morning my son Max (2 years old) woke up with a mysterious limp and a complaint that his foot hurt.  This is an odd thing because as parents you are torn between your paternal instinct to protect your child and your experience to wonder if the little squirt is faking it to get attention.  My initial instinct was he was faking.  My wife and I inspected his foot and found no spider bites, bumps, or anything of alarm.  I applied pressure to his foot in various spots and got no reaction.  I rotated his ankle to verify he had full mobility and had him press his foot against me as well.  Nothing.  I asked him to walk and he limped.  Here’s the thing…its not a fake limp, but a real limp.  We talked and he changed his story a bit to say maybe it was his leg that hurt, but by the way he was walking it seemed like his foot.  So now…what do I do?

imagesHe has no recollection of when he may have hurt it and I don’t think he’s faking…but he’s not in severe pain.  He’s two, so his vocabulary and memory is pretty crap.  I think he either got a cramp in the night or landed funny yesterday jumping off something and has a bruised ball of his foot or something.  I want to scoop him up and take care of him, get him x-rays, call in the specialists, and carry my sweet little baby.  However, there is a 76% chance he’s full of it or could be right as rain tomorrow.  So…I dropped him off at school, told his teacher what was going on, and gave him a good “suck-it-up” hug before heading to work.

Rocketthumb8 hours later…he’s still limping but still not showing signs of pain.  I think it’s the ball of his foot and I’d be willing to bet he bruised it jumping off the couch or, (karma) stepping barefoot on one of his toy cars he leaves throughout the house.  Man I’ve stepped on those things in the middle of the night and they hurt!  Like little die-cast foot mines!  I swear they’re driving under my foot right before I step just to mess my world up.  No matter how well Max and I clean up and put toys away before bed…one always eludes us and finds its way into the ball of my foot around 11 PM.  Whatever is going on, this is the first time I’ve had to wonder if my kid needs medical attention, a little time, or a lesson about lying.  It just gets worse from here on out doesn’t it?

Max showing off his "Angry Face."
Max showing off his “Angry Face.”

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2 thoughts on “Kids Faking Injury

  1. Ryan, you’re not going to believe this, but I had a mysterious limp when I was about 3. Came on and left without any due cause. That’s what my parents tell me. They even hid and watched me play when there was no way I could know someone was “spying.” Still limped. Then, one day I didn’t. Ironic, huh!


  2. My little girl Hannah had a mysterious limp when she was 4 years old. (she’s six now) At first I thought she was putting it on to get attention because then I as heavily pregnant with my other little girl Clara. But anyway, she continued to do it for a few days after that and I began to get concerned so I took her to the doctors. Now, if I was fake limping I would refuse to go to the doctors as I might have got caught out, but through the day hannah kept saying to me “Mummy, mummy! when are we going to the doctors?” She seemed really excited, like she wanted to go. So the time came wwhere we went to the doctors and it turned out that she had sprained her ankle!
    Hope this post helped!

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