Best Wife Ever

Kate VS and Ryan GWhile So Long Freedom is about “my journey into fatherhood, corporate America, and responsibility,” my wife (Kate) is the one truly down in the trenches slugging it out every day more than I am.  Since the beginning of this project I have moved us to Wichita, KS for a job, given up freelancing for a corporate gig, become a father, taken on real responsibility in my life, been almost leveled by anxiety, and clawed my way back into life…and I’m only 34.  Ha!  I’m standing on the tip of the iceberg.  I need to toughen up.  Anyhow, throughout this journey my companion in life has agreed to move to Wichita, put her career on hold to be a full-time mom, taken on more responsibility, remained calm in the face of my anxiety, and been the everlasting rock of calm as we trudge forward.  That isn’t to say she hasn’t had her battles, struggles, anxiety, and bumps along the road as well…but she’s tackling her 30’s much better than I.  With that said, I just want to send out my love publicly to my wife Kate on a day that isn’t a holiday, her birthday, or prompted by anything other than my fascination with her sheer awesomeness.  Every day she gets up and tackles the world with calm determination and patience and somehow puts up with me…even more fascinating is she likes me.  She is proof that true love exists because there is no earthly reason why someone as amazing as her would associate herself with someone as annoying as me.  But she does.

So…Kate, on this random Monday in October for no reason other than my love you.  Thank you.  Thank you for orchestrating an amazing Sunday where you let me sleep in, made chili for football, put both kids down for their naps so I could watch the Chiefs game, and let me have a pajama day.  Days like this are greatly appreciated and I love being pampered out of the blue…just know they don’t go unnoticed or unappreciated.  Remember, I am here to support you too in your endeavors which we are about to embark on.  I’m glad I get to be on your team and grateful I have you on mine.  Thanks for being my true love, best friend, confidant, safety blanket, and number one fan.  You are the best person I know and I hope as we grow old together I learn to be more like you.  Your teammate in everything,


Kate and Dodge in Stripes

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