Dodge Learned 2 New Words

The words are starting to spill out of this little guy on the eve of his six month birthday as he adds “Mama” and “Brother” to his arsenal…though “Brother” sounds more like “Brub Brub.”

One thought on “Dodge Learned 2 New Words

  1. Awesome!!! So adorable!!! I remember my David when he was just starting to talk and we were going over the words and I had the camera going and I said, “Say Mama” and he did; then I said, “Say Dadda” and he did; and then I said, “Okay, say Mama” and he looked at me with the most devilish eyes, and said “Dadda” and I said, “No sweetie, say Mama” and, again, he had the most adorable smart-arse look on his face at such a tiny little age and said, “Dadda” and gave me the most devilish grin!!! To this day, 25+ years later, he’s still a smart arse!!! I love him! Precious video!! 🙂

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