Baby’s First Tooth

shihtzuAfter weeks of fussing, low grade fevers, and sleepless nights…Dodge’s two bottom teeth pushed through yesterday just 5 days before his 6 month birthday.  They have at last breached his gums and are two tiny nubs sticking out making him into an adorable human/shih tzu hybrid.  When Max (our oldest) went though this with his first teeth we babied him and soothed him in every way possible…to no avail.  Tablets, oragel, frozen toys, pain relievers, etc.  In the end the thing that helped him the best was just reaching in his mouth and pushing down hard where his new teeth would be…and…viola!  The next day there they were.  So with Dodge we still soothed, but applied gentle pressure daily and yesterday they popped through.  Did it speed up the process?  Was it easier?  I have no idea.  All I know is he’s been eating rice cereal & milk with a spoon so new foods (and new messes) are just around the corner!

Dodge comforting himself with whatever he can find.
Dodge comforting himself with whatever he can find.

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3 thoughts on “Baby’s First Tooth

  1. I think it’s normal for a child to experience some difficulty on their teething age since no one has been predicted about that progress in every child. That is why I can say that it is just normal to experience though it was been unusual. Good thing about your child that he doesn’t have any prolonged agony on teething like what I have for my son. Good job honey and enjoy each journey of progress. Cheers!


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