Kids And Bad Words


Last night Kate and I sat on the back porch of our neighbor’s house enjoying homemade beers and conversation. Max (2-years-old) played fetch with their dog and ran till he was a sweaty mess.  When he rejoined us I asked him what Mommy was.  He replied, “My sweetheart.”  Our neighbors “awwwww’d.”  I asked him what I was and he replied, “My buddy.”  More “awwwww.”  These are his new standard responses and latest party trick…then I thought I’d throw him a curveball and ask one more question, I asked him who Dodge was (his 5-month-old baby brother).  Max thought for a moment then answered with conviction, “Dodge is a douchebag.”

Yeah.  So…we will be starting a swear jar for me today.  On the plus side, now we know how Max feels about Dodge.

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