Baby Developing Motor Skills

Dodge 4 MonthsDodge is almost 4-months-old and is developing his motor skills more and more with each day.  Max, our 2-year-old, is so excited to play with him and thinks each day will be the day Dodge suddenly starts talking and playing catch with him.  My wife Kate and I…are just exhausted.  Dodge found his voice recently and has been coo’ing ever since.  Now he is grabbing things with two hands and pulling them to his mouth, reaching for items that interest him, and kicking his feet in the air as if he were running a calisthenics clinic or powering a tiny invisible bicycle.  All these skills are fun…except he wants to do them at night when everyone is trying to sleep.  When we don’t pay attention (because it is 2 AM and we are sleeping) he screams and cries till we pick him up…and then he shows us how he can kick, kick, kick his feet.

(Yawning)  Wow…that’s great buddy…wow…awesome.

During the day he sits on your lap and just pummels your chest with kicks.  He is as happy as can be doing this.  Move him into a position where he cannot kick you?  Not happy as can be.  So I have a bruised breastplate and bags under my eyes.  Meanwhile the 2-year-old is potty training and calls out in the night when he feels the urge…which is great for potty training…terrible for sleepy parents who are on the verge of going crazy.  Soon we will be on vacation at Lake Geroge and we can get the 2-year-old tuckered out from running, swimming, jumping, etc. so he’ll sleep through the night.  Dodge?  Kick, kick, kick…

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