Potty Training Success

When my wife Kate and I made the call to start aggressively potty training our two-year-old (Max) last week…we had no idea how well he would take to it.  We had made the preparations and tried a few times in the past without success so we waited till he was ready.  All the signs were there:

  • He wanted his diaper changed immediately if he went in it
  • He was sitting on the potty and pretending
  • He was watching other kids in school use the potty
  • He was asking about using the potty
  • He would try to hide his number 2’s
June 6th Progress
June 6th Progress

Last week Kate and I started the sticker reward system and Max took to it right away.  Then he lost a bit of interest and we had more attempts than successful deposits.  Then…Sunday happened.  On Sunday we lost count of the attempts and we had four successful deposits!  Four!  All pee-pee.  We had two successful pee-pee’s at home in the daytime, one successful pee-pee out at dinner, and then the most shocking one of all.  At about 10 PM, hours after Max’s bedtime, I heard him call out to me, “Dada! I need to go pee-pee!”  I went upstairs into his room where he was waiting in bed and holding himself.  We quickly ent into the bathroom, sat on the Spider Man potty, and booya!  He went.  He didn’t want to go in his diaper at night so he called out for help and successfully went on the potty.  Then he had a glass of water and went right back to bed.  I…was…amazed!

June, 9th Progress
June, 9th Progress

I am curious to see how this week pans out with him going to summer school.  He’ll surely regress a bit from the progress made over the weekend at home with both parents around but I think he is going to stick with it and potty train like a champ!  He now holds himself if he has to go so you have a physical warning but most important was last night’s late-night success…he told us…we didn’t ask him.  That’s HUGE!!!  To say I’m a proud papa would be a massive understatement.  My son is potty training, he has conversations with me, we play catch, he swims with me, and so much more.  I can tell…this is the summer he is going to go from being a toddler to becoming a little boy. “I can do it all by myself,” he tells me…and he can.  Go get em Max, Daddy is right behind you.  Well…not right behind you, but happily supporting you from a safe distance with wet wipes!


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One thought on “Potty Training Success

  1. Are you ready for the “bathroom tour” of America! Congratulations….to all 3 of you! These are monumental giant steps. Isn’t summer always a wonderful time of growth and change. A new kid will return to school in the Fall!

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