Potty Training Tools

Photo Jun 06, 8 10 29 AMAfter the Poo-Poo Potty Party for our two-year-old’s first poop on the potty Tuesday, we put the tools into action this week to help get Max inspired.  My wife, Kate, downloaded and printed some free potty training charts from a site we liked, put up the cork boards I bought, and instigated the incentive plan we came up with.  Max loves cars…he’s a boy…big shock right?  So instead of giving him new cars as gifts now, he has one pinned to the board in the bathroom that he can earn by making daily attempts and fast-track with successful deposits.  It’s like a toy store that accepts excrement for payment!  Poop is dollars, pee is quarters, and attempts are nickles.  Either way, Max is working hard for that sweet Lightning McQueen car on the board and he can’t stop talking about it!

Photo Jun 06, 8 11 17 AMLast night we had our first Pee-Pee Potty Party and little Max proudly put a sticker up on his chart.  Does the system work?  We are three days in and all Max wants to do is try to go to the potty, put stickers on the chart, and get that sweet Lightning McQueen car!  Oh sweet, sweet, Lightning McQueen car!  I think it is working.  Kate and I had talked about doing this for months but decided we’d wait till after we had our baby.  Dodge is three months old now and we simply dropped the ball.  However, better late than never and Max has taken to it like a fish to water.

Photo Jun 06, 8 12 20 AMThe downside to all this is he loves his Spider Man Potty which sits on top of the regular toilet.  Max loves to be a “big boy” and do things all by himself.  So the Spider Man Potty often stays on the toilet and let me tell you…it is a shocking surprise to sit on first thing in the morning when you have not fully woken up yet or had your first sip of coffee.  Those side handles will get you!  Oh well, if this is what it takes to get Max out of diapers…then so be it!  The kid is a hulk!  You know what hulks poop?  Hulk-sized poop…into a diaper…which you get to change.  It is not fun.  As comedian Louis C.K. says, your kid is too old for diapers if at the end of the diaper change the kid can say, “Thank you Daddy.”

Photo Jun 06, 8 10 58 AM

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One thought on “Potty Training Tools

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