Potty Training: The Poo-Poo Potty Party

cupcake candlesGirls develop faster than boys which can be frustrating at school when going through potty training.  All the girls are making potty training progress in the bathroom while the boys are hiding in the corner behind a ficus tree grunting out a chicken nugget steamer into their pee-laden diapers.  Or…is that just my two-year-old?  We bought the tiny potty, we’ve read the books, we’ve tried getting him comfortable around it, and I’ve showed him daily how to pee in the potty or outside on a bush.  However, Max is afraid of his poop and feels grossed out when it happens.  Then last night happened.

11530616575879pAs I was picking up diapers for our baby, Dodge, last night at the store I saw a Spider-Man Toilet Seat for kids.  On a whim…I grabbed it along with some stickers, a Lightning McQueen car, and some cork board.  My plan was to create a potty chart in the bathroom with goals for attempts and successes Max could track with stickers.  When enough goals and successes were met Max would get the toy.  Then up would go a new toy and a new chart.  Seems simple enough.  With my arms full of potty training incentives…my cell phone rang.  On the other end of the line was my wife and kids shouting wildly about something exciting that had just happened…as it ironically turned out, Max had just used the potty for the first time.

Once home I learned that Max had been taking a bath when he shouted the phrase, “Oh no…my butt!!!”  Usually this is when he goes and hides behind the ficus tree…but this was a bathtub…and he was naked.  Kate leapt into action and hoisted Senior Poo-Butt onto the potty where he made his first official potty.  It didn’t go great.  There were tears, he was freaked out, and not everything landed where it should land…but who cares.  He made a poo-poo on the potty.  Afterward he was scared that he would be in trouble and insisted that Kate not tell me.  “Don’t tell Dada!”  That made me a little sad that he thinks I would be upset…but there was clearly only one thing to do.

Throw a Poo-Poo Potty Party!!!

Photo Jun 05, 8 25 03 AMThere was music, cartoons, a cupcake, high-fives, staying up late, extra books, and tons of encouragement and congratulations.  It was the strangest party I have ever been to.  Max loved it.  I showed him his new Spider-Man Potty and immediately he wanted to sit on it and give it a try.  To our surprise…he used it right away and took care of a little more business!  This morning he tried again and it is the topic of much excited conversation in our household right now!  Nothing like having my morning coffee while my son details his poop escapades.  It is strange that he has learned to swim and to use the potty all in the same week…I guess he’s just ready.  Like I said with swimming, all you can do with kids is teach them the tools and when they are ready…they will start using them.  The hardest part is teaching myself patience.  I am not a patient man.  However, there are many sticker-chart-filled days ahead of us in the bathroom so I better find some more patience or I could make Max afraid of the potty.  So roll out the red carpet, toss a candle in a cupcake, and flip on the cartoons.  Its Poo-Poo Potty Party Time!

A Very Happy Max with His Brand New Spiderman Potty Seat!
A very happy Max with his brand new Spider-Man Potty Seat!

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2 thoughts on “Potty Training: The Poo-Poo Potty Party

  1. Funny you would post this. I just got back from Corner Bakery where there was a little boy slightly older than Max. He told his mom he had to go pee and she told him to wait one second. As she was gathering her things to take him to the restroom, he had already dropped trou and was about to water the beautiful shrubbery next to the Corner Bakery patio. When mom scooped him up and told him had to wait until the bathroom, the poor little man was so confused because “Daddy said its ok to pee outside.” He had the whole patio rolling! Enjoy your potty escapades! 🙂

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