A Friday Morning Poem

Alarms are buzzing, Dodge is crying,

Max is hungry, Kate is sighing.

Drag my body out of bead,

Wake up feet…are you dead?

Serenity comes in a coffee cup,

Delivered in attempt to wake me up.

Shower while Kate feeds the boys,

Stepping on Max’s bath-time toys.

Left sock, right sock, underwear,

Deodorant, toothbrush, styled hair.

Take the pills the pharmacist sold,

Because inevitably I’m getting old.

Wallet found, Where are my keys?

Max has hidden them in the trees.

Or are they right here in my hand?

Am I awake yet, I don’t understand.

Forehead kiss and on the cheek,

Max and I leave to close the week.

Off to school where there is a sign,

BEWARE! Your child has been exposed to pink eye.

Pause…consider…Meh, he’ll be fine,

Drop him off and check the time.

Late for work and feeling woozy,

What was in that breakfast smoothie?

Watch my speed down Rock Road,

Perfect driving record must not go.

Office, meeting, phone call, desk,

Slide into the chair that loves me best.

Glasses donned and deadlines due,

Time to do whatever it is I do.

And so I bid the week adieu,

Its Friday!  The weekend will be here very soon!

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