Oh Brother!

The Gates Boys
The Gates Boys

When my wife Kate and I learned we’d be having another baby boy we were ecstatic…what could be more fun than brothers?  Max had set the bar pretty high by being pretty stinkin’ cute (and well-behaved) so when Dodge was born on March 1st we were elated to see we had successfully made another good-looking kid.  Two kids in diapers is crazy, and my wife may kill me one of these days if I play golf while she’s home alone with the two of them, but you can see how very soon Max will be the little helper and big brother.

Holding Hands
Holding Hands

We celebrated Max being a big brother right away so he didn’t feel shunned by the addition of Dodge to our family.  We have constantly reinforced that he is Dodge’s big brother and needs to help out, protect him, teach him stuff, and be a good example.  There is only so much a two-year-old can do, but Max has done everything within his ability.  Max practices changing diapers on his stuffed animals so he can one day change Dodge’s, he adorns Dodge with kisses non-stop, and the other day Max helped calm Dodge in the car by shushing him and holding his hand.  Holding his hand!  What am I supposed to do with that?  I open the back door of the car and there is a two-year-old holding a two-month-old’s hand telling him “Its okay Dodge…shhhhh…back to night, night.”  Seriously…its too much cuteness!!!

Brotherly Love
Brotherly Love

Clearly at some point Max will be able to actually help out with Dodge, then they will start competing with each other, and then they will team up and rebel against Kate and I as a unified front.  I only hope that some day they will learn to mutually respect each other and get back to loving me and Kate.  I don’t expect to see them holding hands in the back seat when they’re in their 30’s and we have family reunions…but maybe they’ll drink a beer with their old dad and tell stories from back in the day.  However, I’ll always picture them as I do now…little cherubs who need me and call me “Daddy” when the monsters come out at night from the shadows of their closet.

“Its okay Max…its okay Dodge…shhhhh…back to night, night.”

My Two Boys The Day they Met
My Two Boys The Day They Met

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