So Long Sleeping

Two months ago I was resigned to the fact that I wasn’t going to be sleeping anymore as we were about to have our second child.  Dodge is now 7 weeks old and shockingly enough…he sleeps.  The first few nights were rough but once our little piglet got as much milk as he could handle he started conking out for a few hours during the day and a few hours at night.  Oh…my…GAWD!  This is how all kids should be!  Like when a baby giraffe is born and knows how to walk right away!  Kids should be born and just know how to sleep when mommies and daddies are tired.  So why am I not sleeping?  The two-year-old.

Ostrich_the_road_signAt still-dark-o’clock this morning Max came crying into our room begging for us to wake up and go “back downstairs.”  My first thought was “Why did we teach him how to work the door knob?”  We coerced him into bed with us where he screamed directly into my ear for a few minutes.  I couldn’t quite make out all the words through the tears but it had something to do with him wanting Mommy and not Daddy.  Being the terrible husband that I am (it’s a matching set…bad father/bad husband) I obliged by rolling over and burying my head beneath the pillow like an ostrich.  After an unknown period of not sleeping and getting kicked in the kidney Dodge woke up from all of Max’s whining cries and he started bawling.  This caused Kate to give her attention to Dodge which meant Max wasn’t the sole purpose of her life and erupted into a tantrum.  It was at this moment my alarm clock went off.

Good morning.  It’s another BEAUTIFUL day in the world of parenthood!

copyright David & Kelly Sopp
copyright David & Kelly Sopp

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