Watertown On Lockdown!

map-109.rWaking up and reading about the shootout, killing of an MIT Police Officer, car chases, bombs, and gunshots through my old streets of Boston is creepy.  I went to high school in Waltham and lived just down the street in Newton…walking distance from the shootout that occurred late last night and early this morning.  Watertown is a family community just west of Cambridge, the epicenter of Boston’s college community.  These are the streets I drove every day on my way to school and work and it is shocking to see images of police in riot gear trading gunfire with terrorists.  My cousins and their kids are hiding in their house just blocks away right now as police scour the neighborhoods looking for “Suspect 2.”  I can’t believe this is happening in Watertown and Cambridge!

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev
Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

I’ll say this, if a couple of Southy kids or wicked pissed Watertown guys get hold of this dude before the police get their hands on him…he’s dead.  Bostonians don’t take nothing from nobody and I’ll be shocked if he is brought in alive.  Heck, the Boston Police will shoot to kill given the fact that there is an officer down and he traded fire with them in a residential area.  Right now I just hope all my fiends and family in the Watertown area are safe.  Watertown is on lockdown so just stay inside and let this thing unfold.  Even when it seems safe.  I live in tornado country now and I can tell you that when things are the calmest are right before the disaster strikes – the best thing to do is get inside and stay out of the way.



As I’m writing this I’m seeing reports online that they have Dzhokhar Tsarnaev surrounded and are moving in on him.  I have no idea how valid that is…just what I’m seeing online.  Please stay safe everyone.


2 thoughts on “Watertown On Lockdown!

  1. Ryan, this reminds of a great quote I heard from Boston Globe columnist Kevin Cullen: “This is a very tough town. We take only three things seriously here, and that’s sports, politics, and revenge,”

    1. Lou, some of the worst brawls of my life were when I lived in Boston. I still have a funky knuckle from a boxer-break I suffered in a 1am fight at the Waltham train stop when I got jumped by a couple townies as I was coming home. While I managed to fend the two of them off they made the mistake of dropping one of their wallets on the ground in the scuffle. I can tell you, yes…revenge is best served on a cold platter. This kid is screwed if the police catch him and more screwed if Boston gets him.

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