Gregg Marshall Is A Winner At Wichita State

Amidst a crowd of Shocker faithful, Gregg Marshall and his wife Lynn exited the team hotel today to get on the bus to the airport. The team and coaches were not looking for any celebration as they were still in the emotional throws of last night’s amazing game against Louisville which WSU almost won. It was hard as a fan…I can’t imagine how hard it must be as a coach or player. Nonetheless, Shocker Nation wasn’t about to let them leave without cheers, applause, and accolades for an amazing season and the most thrilling game last night.

It’s too much for me to put into words right now because of the emotional roller coaster. Days of anticipation, anxiety the day of, the thrill of the battle, the excitement of winning, the shock of losing, and the emotional release of accepting the season is over. Is too much.

Holding back tears Gregg shook hands with fans, accepted hugs, and to my delight sought out my son Max who idolizes him and took him in his arms for a great big hug. “It’s okay,” my two-year-old said, and it is. It will be. We were one of the four teams in the nation still competing last night and it was an experience I will never forget. I will tell all later this week when I’m back…but until then I’m signing off from Atlanta to have a little down time with the family and digest the past few weeks. Go Shocks!



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