Insurance Frustration Anxiety

helpI apologize…but I’m using my blog to vent this week since I’m not going to my therapist due to a billing error on their part.  Here is what is going on: My therapist’s office called me and told me I needed to settle my outstanding due before my appointment yesterday (which is fine) except they told me it was about $1,000.  Whoa!!!  After numerous calls back and forth between the medical office and the insurance agency I got paperwork from both of them proving they both are wrong.  The medical office has finally realized there are extensive flaws in their billing and are re-looking at my account to see how much I actually owe (forgot that little $600 payment in September I made) while my insurance found a way to pay items out of our deductible thus making it so we did not in fact meet our deductible.  As well, even though our deductible was supposed to reset February 1 it turns out they found a way to make it reset January 1.  The entire state of Kansas had to switch billing codes and in doing so I now pay $12.80 more per visit which the medical office says is wrong and should be changed by the insurance company and the insurance office says is up to the medical office.  Zero accountability.  So I find a shrink that meets the criteria for what I’m looking for, has a better location, and I’m excited to meet.  she’s not covered by my insurance…this wonderful new insurance that is supposed to save me sooooo much money.  Yeah…working…I never want to go see a doctor for fear they’ll screw up the billing and if I do go see a doctor its gonna be some goat performing rituals in a yurt somewhere.  Arg!!!  Why can’t I just see the doctor I want to see?!!!

8694-004-4E0F00DCSo now I have not seen my therapist (for anxiety), I have increased my anxiety (because of the therapist’s accounting department), and I can’t fire them (because they’re the only people my crappy save-o-matic insurance approves)!  On top of all that I can’t even go to my therapist to talk about how anxious this all makes me feel because they haven’t fixed the billing issue and don’t know how to because they are switching systems and the new person doesn’t know how the old system works!  Are…you…f’ing…kidding me?!!!

I’m moving to Canada.

primalI think the best solution here is to get a full size mirror to sit in front of and tell my problems and every time I look up I’ll non my head and say…”and…” and it’ll be just like going to therapy.  Or I’ll take up Moroccan basket weaving or something…Moroccan basket weaving while drinking.  Yes…this is why they invented beer…and screaming.  Maybe I’ll just take up Primal Scream Therapy and freak out the neighbors.  Seriously…when have you ever felt better than after a good scream or cry?  Sure that is only temporary and doesn’t teach you how to reprogram your brain but who cares…I’m probably more than a third into my lifespan as it is so what’s a little screaming and crying down the home stretch?  It’ll be like completing the cycle and leaving this world the way I came in…only in the end I’ll be in the ground…charred to bits…with some sort of soul lingering in the cosmos…and…okay this is not helping.  I need to find a new therapist.  Damn you crappy insurance agency!  I’m starting an insurance agency but you can only see my goat in the yurt and your deductible is subject to change at my leisure.

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