Robots In Outer Space Themed Room

"Ned" the Nightlight
“Ned” the Nightlight

When Max was born I wanted to create a theme for his room that was a little different from the usual zoo animals and blue whales…but not so crazy that it didn’t inspire him.  I decided on “Robots In Outer Space.”  His room boasted multiple rocket ships, many different  robots, space creatures, a homemade Ugly Doll monster mobile, planets, stars, and things that teach him to reach for the sky.  Very early on he was obsessed with his monster mobile I made for him and the galaxy of planets that spread out into the great beyond.  Diaper-changing was out of this world!

One of his first major discoveries as he learned to talk wass that, “Space is up, up , up past the sky.”  He would tell every person he saw that fact and then go on to tell you that you need a rocket ship to get to space and you have to be an astronaut to go.  He would just toddle around the house saying, “Airplanes go up in the sky but the rocket ship goes to space.”  So guess what he wants to be when he grows up?  An astronaut?  Nope.  A robot.

Max_RobotHeadIt’s better than wanting to be a Space-Monster.  So currently my two-year-old is a basketball-playing, airplane-flying, space-robot.  Awesome.

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